New House of Blues’ San Diego a Sonic Success with EV’

June 24, 2005

Dean Cohen is Production Manager at House of Blues San Diego. Cohen was a FOH engineer for a long time, and, simply put, knows what equipment sounds good, is reliable and rider-friendly. From this perspective, Cohen explained why the relationship between HoB and EV is going from strength to strength:

“And as for the Midas consoles? You can’t get any better ‑ there’s no other line of mixing consoles so responsive and so warm‑sounding.”

“As is the case at House of Blues venues around the United States, the EV rig here sounds fantastic. Our continued working relationship with EV, and in particular EV’s (Director of Special Projects) Monte Wise, means we’re more than familiar with their product lines and high level of customer support. Each new EV House of Blues PA design is driven by these factors, by that kind of attention to detail. House of Blues has won numerous industry awards as a club/tour venue, and the quality of our sound is a key element of that success.“

Cohen continued: “The XLC sounds great night after night, no matter what style of music we have on, with warm sound and precise coverage. I’m also a big fan of the X-Subs. The Wailers played on opening night, and the X-Subs really delivered the low-end you need for Reggae. Simply put, those boxes will suck the pants right off your legs, there’s so much low-end frequency running through them! As a former FOH guy, it’s really nice for me to get behind the Midas desk and fire up the system. The XLC has a really true, crisp response, and mixing on it is a real pleasure - you never have to fight to get a decent mix. In fact, it’s so crystal clear it’s almost dangerous! We have so much headroom here we could keep pushing the rig until the light fixtures start to shake, still with no distortion, and still with decibels to spare!“

Cohen added: “And as for the Midas consoles? You can’t get any better - there’s no other line of mixing consoles so responsive and so warm-sounding. The channel EQs are just great. You tell a Midas to do something and it does it. That’s why they’re the most rider-friendly boards around - they work well night after night, and nothing sounds better. Sometimes we run 15 shows a week, so it’s easy to see why having that degree of recognition and reliability is important to us. All in all, the PA sounds fantastic - it’s already proven itself with a wide range of shows, from four nights with Bad Religion, to Fischerspooner, to Damien Marley and Ozomatli. Every night we had a very positive response from the engineers, many of whom made a point of commenting on the responsiveness and clarity of the PA.“

House of Blues San Diego EV/Midas/Klark Teknik equipment list:

Front of House:

Console: Midas Heritage 2000 48/4/8 Stereo Modules

EQ: Klark Teknik DN9340 Helix Digital Equalizer

Gates/Comps: (2) Klark Teknik DN514 Quad Gates; (2) Klark Teknik DN500 Stereo Comps; (2) Klark Teknik DN504 Quad Comps

Main Speakers: (16) EV XLC 127+ Flown Line Array (8 per side)

Main Subs: (4) EV Quad 18-inch X-Subs (left & right)

Main Amps: EV P3000

Sub Amps: EV P3000

Upstairs & Downstairs Under Balcony Delay Speakers: (4) EV Xi-1082 (per floor)


Console: Midas XL250 48/4/TP

Monitor Wedges: (14) EV Xw12; (4) EV Xw15

Fill - Drums: (2) EV Xw15; (2) EV Xcb subs

Fill - Sides: (2) EV Xi-1183; (2) EV Xi-1191 subs

Monitor Processing: Klark Teknik DN9848; EV Dx38

Amps: EV P3000; EV P1200

Intercom: 2 channel, 6 station Telex (light & sound)

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