System Snapshot: Suwon World Cup Stadium, Korea

May 28, 2013

Notable for hosting World Cup soccer matches in 2002, the stadium seats 43,000. The roof design concept was inspired by the image of a bird in flight.

The stadium management was looking for loudspeakers with less low-end reverberation to replace their former systems, and to ensure that low-frequency voices remain clear for commentary, program music and announcements.

“Sound transmission is now clear throughout the stadium”

As the major partner of EV in Korea, KEVIC was appointed to be responsible for upgrading the loudspeakers and the entire pro-audio system in the stadium. After visiting another stadium retrofitted with the EVH (horn-load) series from Electro-Voice, the project manager was convinced by their superior overall audio quality, enhanced clarity in vocal frequencies and minimal low-frequency reverberation – all factors fulfilling the stadiums key requirements.

A member of the EV-Innovation family of installation-dedicated loudspeaker systems, EVH is an ideal solution for stadia – a horn-loaded design providing improved coverage pattern control, especially at the rear of the speakers. As such, overall low-frequency resonance outside the stadium could be minimized. 20 sets of EVH-1152S/64 and 12 sets of EVH-1152S/94 have been retrofitted under the roof, directed towards the audience seats.

Sound transmission is now clear throughout the stadium – voices can be heard clearly with minimal reverberation, which precisely met the demands of the end-user.

Key Success Factors:
  • Superior sound quality and clarity of EVH systems
  • Minimal low-frequency reverberation
  • Installation at one of the most prestigious stadiums in South Korea

449-8 Dogok-Dong

Kangnam-Ku Seoul

Korea 135-270

Bosch Security Systems Korea

298, Bojeung-dong, Giheung-yu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

South Korea, 446-850

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