EV sound for Hits‑on‑Wheels by Hitcom Indonesia

January 15, 2014
  • Hits-on-Wheels is a mobile advertising concept featuring a quality sound system that delivers an impeccable outdoor audio experience
  • The fully EV-powered Hits-on-Wheels trucks are generating a great deal of buzz and are becoming an increasingly popular mobile advertising concept
Hits-on-Wheels is a newly mobile advertising concept by Hitcom Indonesia. The Hits-on-Wheels trucks are equipped with a glass showcase that attracts attention wherever they go making them the perfect choice for outdoor advertising campaigns, direct selling and live performances. 

To ensure impeccable audio quality in the often acoustically challenging and noisy outdoor spaces the trucks visit, Hitcom required high-quality onboard sound systems.

“Hits‑on‑Wheels is a mobile advertising concept featuring a quality sound system that delivers an impeccable outdoor audio experience”

Working closely with PT. Y2C International, Electro-Voice (EV) sound systems were installed in both the big-stage and small-stage trucks. On the big-stage truck, two TX1122 12-inch two-way full range loudspeakers were installed to provide high-quality sound at high volumes and excellent short-to-medium throw pattern control. Two TX1181 18-inch subwoofers were also installed to provide ample low-frequency support for the TX1122s.

Other EV products installed included four ZX1i (passive) and two ZXA1 (powered) compact and lightweight loudspeakers, two DC-One processors and two of R300-HD wireless microphone  systems. The ZX speakers offer an ideal balance of audio quality, durability and lightweight construction, making them ideal to keep weight down on the small truck.

The fully EV powered “Hits-on-Wheels” trucks have generated a great deal of buzz for the advertisers who have showcased live performers, and are proving an increasingly popular advertising concept that can bring a campaign to audiences in a dynamic new way.

Installed by

PT. Y2C International

Jl. Kedoya Duri Raya no.38D

Jakarta Barat 11520


PT. Robert Bosch Arkadia Office Park, Tower A, 5th floor

Jl.TB Simatupang Kav. 88

Jakarta 12520

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