New ETX Powered Loudspeakers make an impact at the Calgary Canadian DJ Show

May 27, 2014
Instead of cubicles and conference rooms, many attendees of the recent Canadian DJ Show (CDJ Show) in Calgary, presented by Pioneer DJ, spend their workdays in studios and nightclubs or on mobile gigs, working with turntables and mixers rather than spreadsheets or presentations. But while their workplaces and “office attire” are different, these DJs are nonetheless professionals who run businesses. Their product is a sonic experience that immerses the audience in thump, snap, and sizzle. If their sound system can’t deliver, their reputation suffers. If it’s too bulky, or too complex to set up and operate, their job is harder. And if it costs too much, they can’t get past the bottom line. So where do they find a system that’s powerful, clean, streamlined, and affordable? At the CDJ Show it was as close as the Electro-Voice sponsored Main Stage, where sound was provided by EV’s new ETX Powered Loudspeakers.

“The CDJ Show is a conference for people who are in the nightlife music community, including mobile and club DJs, producers, event promoters, and club owners,” says Ryan Schroeyens, who co-founded the show in 2009 with Doug Scott of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association (CDJA). After several successful years holding a single show in Toronto only, Schroeyens and Scott expanded the 2014 schedule to include a Western event at the BMO Centre in Calgary. The show included seminars, demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and a networking social.

“ETX will give you a big sound with a smaller, easier setup.”

The CDJ Show main stage featured performances all day by DJs from Western Canada, and was the battleground for the DMC Canada Regional Competition, part of the DMC World DJ Championships. The ETX Powered Loudspeaker system, supplied by Electro-Voice manufacturer representatives Pro Audio Group Canada (PAG), consisted of four ETX-35P 15-inch three-way powered loudspeakers (two per side) and four ETX-18SP 18-inch powered subwoofers, ground-stacked front-of-stage to create a power alley. “ETX as a whole is a great high-end DJ box,” says PAG’s John McArthur. “A lot of power, a lot of DSP control, great protection, and excellent thump with the subs.”

Schroeyens agrees with McArthur’s assessment. “The ETX system was very easy to set up and use, and it sounded great,” he says. “We’d had issues in the past with systems from other manufacturers that we ended up pushing to the max during the DMC competition. But this year that was not a problem. The ETX was definitely more than enough sound for what we were trying to do. It was shaking the room, and it kept its clarity even at high levels. In addition to the DJs we had promoters and club owners in the room, and everybody was saying that it sounded fantastic. Even the guys from the DMC, who do shows on systems all over the place, were impressed. We hope to have the same system at our next show in Toronto.”

Schroeyens describes the ETX Powered Loudspeaker line as “a cross-over product that will be bought by the higher-end DJs but that also has applications in night clubs, small lounges, boat cruises, restaurants that have dance floors or patios with DJs, and all other kinds of mobile DJ applications.” Based on hearing the system not only at the CDJ Show but also at the 2014 NAMM Show in Anaheim, Schroeyens expects ETX Powered Loudspeakers to be a game-changer in the market for DJ sound.

“We’re used to seeing these massive stacks of subwoofers and power amps, and I don’t think that’s going to be necessary anymore,” he explains. “The system we had at the CDJ Show could easily handle most of the same situations because ETX will give you a big sound with a smaller, easier setup. There’s a tremendous amount of power built into these boxes, so the system will put out a lot of wattage before clipping. They give you the portability and ease-of-setup of a powered box, but they solve the typical downside of powered systems, which is not having enough power. Until now, the systems that could do that were all much more expensive. But with ETX, EV has the right amount of power and the price at the right spot. I was very happy that we were able to have this system at our show and to expose all the professionals in Western Canada to what they can do with ETX.”

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