Small Town/Big Sound: EV XLC Compact Line Array & P‑RL™ Remote‑Controlled Amplifiers Installed at Monmouth, IL Venue

February 3, 2005

“The Rivoli is a 1200 capacity live music venue and club housed in a renovated movie theatre. The space has a lot of character, and Paul Walker, the owner of the venue, wanted to install an equally impressive sound system - a PA that could both accommodate and attract big name acts. This is a very big deal for a town of this size. It’s a locally run venue with a high-quality system for all kinds of live performances - rock, blues, comedy, gospel, theatrical drama, etc. When we were discussing systems at the concept stage, I thought a line array would be an ideal way to address the rake of the theatre and ensure precise, clear coverage. I’d been eager to design a line array installation, and this seemed like the perfect application to do so. When I introduced Paul Walker to the XLC and the RL amps, along with IRIS™ remote monitoring software, it became obvious that this was the system we needed at the Rivoli - a real touring grade PA that could deliver the SPL and coverage Paul was looking for.“

Phillips continued: “This is a lively sounding room, and the XLC allows us to work with the room, not against it. Running EASE™ and LAPS™ beforehand - fitting the PA to the room - is a better way to go than fixing an installation after the fact with acoustic treatments, and it gives the customer a visual impression of how things will sound. In this sense, Paul Walker was able to see how the PA would perform, as well as hear it. The idea was to install a very “live’ sounding system in the room, which still had baffles and treatments from the “20s. With the XLC /RL combination, we still have that crucial element of control thanks to the system’s precise aiming and programming functions. The coverage is phenomenal. I’m hitting 114 dB at mix position and about the same at the balcony, both as clear as a bell. I ran sound on opening night on Friday January 28th, which featured national act Partly Cloudy and will act as system tech when bigger national acts come through in the future. It doesn’t matter if we have a metal band in here or a touring drama company; the highs and mids are clear at whatever SPL is necessary for the show, without sounding uncomfortably loud - even at well over 100 dB.“

“The RL amps are phenomenal ‑ they have the lowest self‑noise of any amps I’ve heard.”

Phillips is a big fan of EV amplification: “The RL amps are phenomenal - they have the lowest self-noise of any amps I’ve heard. Not only are they easy to program and get online, they sound nice and punchy, with low-end to match any other industry-standard power amps out there. From an operational point of view, the CAT-5 cabling is flawless and the line supervision facility in the IRIS software blows away the competitor’s product in terms of ease of use. I pounded this system very hard for several days in a row while I was tuning it, and I didn’t have a single problem. These amps also allow the venue owner, engineer and contractor to rest assured that no one can tamper with the settings, which could result any number of sonic catastrophes. I live three hours away from the venue, but I don’t have to worry about getting a call because someone’s turned up a horn or turned down a sub.“

In closing Phillips gave kudos to the EV representatives who helped make it all happen: “The technical support we received from EV was outstanding. Regional Sales Manager Mike Linden, Special Projects Specialist Monte Wise, Sales Rep Bob Sheffield (Starin Marketing) and Tech Support Ethan Wetzell and Robert Deyarmond all played a big part in making this installation a success. They were all available to answer any questions, any time. When you work with EV, you’re getting the best people as well as the best products.“

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