Lisbon’s Estádio da Luz with Champion’s League sound from Electro‑Voice & Dynacord

February 26, 2015
  • Stadium of S.L.Benfica equipped with new sound reinforcement system
  • Electro-Voice EVH and EVID loudspeakers, Dynacord DSA power amplifiers and P 64 digital audio matrix manager installed
  • Hesse + Partner planned installation
Portugal’s showcase stadium, the Estádio da Luz, has been equipped with a new Electro-Voice and Dynacord sound reinforcement system. The centerpiece of the installation in the home of S.L.Benfica comprises Electro-Voice EVH and EVID loudspeakers as well as DSA power amplifiers and a P 64 digital audio matrix manager from Dynacord. Installation contractors Meißner commissioned Hesse + Partner to plan the installation.

Together with the application design team from Electro-Voice and Dynacord, system planner Hesse + Partner of Rostock conducted comprehensive simulations to find a suitable solution, which proved to be a combination of EVH and EVID loudspeakers divided into 48 individually controlled zones.

“Some of my colleagues are even of the view that in terms of sound quality this is one of the finest stadiums in the entire world. And I think they are right!”

108 coaxial, horn-loaded EVH loudspeakers flown from the stadium roof provide homogeneous and powerful coverage of the stands and playing area. The specification of these loudspeakers was no simple affair, as Hesse explains: “As the distance from the roof to the rows below is never constant, each loudspeaker was chosen according to its individual installation position.” Fortunately the EV Innovation series, with its variety of dispersion patterns, allowed a differentiated yet coherent system design based on components of similar type.

Complementing these are 378 transformer versions of EVID loudspeakers which, thanks to their even dispersion and compact dimensions, ensure optimal sound also on the slightly recessed balcony tiers. The power for all the loudspeakers is provided by 42 DSA multi-channel power amplifiers equipped with RCM-810 remote control modules.

A key role in the sound reinforcement design is played by the P 64 digital audio matrix manager from Dynacord, which is controlled using IRIS-Net software. “We used the P 64 in our very first stadium installation, the HDI Arena in Hanover, and have included it in every one since.” The individually configurable user interface of IRIS-Net allows, among other things, the channel-based individual configuration of the output (Variable Load Drive) of the multi-channel power amplifiers. It also provides full control and supervision of all the power amplifier channels and loudspeakers. “The support we received from the Dynacord team here and in other areas was really tremendous,” says Hesse. The club is equally enthusiastic about the new sound reinforcement solution. A special fan scarf was even produced to mark its debut. “The sound in the stadium is truly magnificent,” says Hesse. “Some of my colleagues are even of the view that in terms of sound quality this is one of the finest stadiums in the entire world. And I think they are right!”

The Estádio da Luz in Lisbon is one of the most beautiful and admired soccer stadiums in Europe. Known as “The Cathedral,” the 66,000-seater arena was built for the UEFA European Championship 2004 and chosen as the venue for the final. The Estádio da Luz (or “Stadium of Light”) is owned by one of Europe’s longest-established clubs, S.L.Benfica, which competes regularly in the Champions League.

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