Levitt Pavilion Arlington upgrades audio with Electro‑Voice loudspeakers

October 16, 2015
  • Electro Acoustics spearheads design-build project to revitalize free concert facility in downtown Arlington, Texas
  • EV sound system includes main XLCi line arrays and EV power and processing
  • Solution exceeds customer expectations with optimal combination of high sound pressure level capability, coverage, weather resistance, and value
Burnsville, Minn. (October 16, 2015): Built in 2009, Levitt Pavilion Arlington is an outdoor venue offering 50 free concerts per year to the residents of Arlington, Texas. Occupying the full city block of Founders Plaza across from City Hall, the facility has become a local landmark for the arts. Recently, audio-visual integration firm Electro Acoustics of Fort Worth was engaged to upgrade the venue’s sound system.

“The original sound system in the venue was not weatherized, so naturally it had degraded over the past few years,” notes Ryan Walker, Sales Manager for Electro Acoustics and project manager. “We were brought in to design and install a modern, rider-friendly sound system that could deliver outstanding sound quality and withstand the Texas weather. After comparing several manufacturers, we selected the Electro-Voice XLCi line array as the system that would meet all the client’s requirements, including sound pressure level capability, coverage, weather resistance, and value.”

“we selected the Electro‑Voice XLCi line array as the system that would meet all the client’s requirements”

Electro Acoustics installed two 8-box arrays of weatherized EV XLCi127 loudspeakers as the primary PA system. With their true 3-way design and consistent 120-degree dispersion, these compact enclosures ensure accurate vertical control for consistent coverage and long-throw accuracy. The main arrays are augmented by six Xsub subwoofers, a dual 18-inch design, ground-stacked to ensure rich low frequency response despite the venue’s solid concrete stage. Four EVU-2082/95 ultra-compact 8-inch 2-way speakers complete the system, evenly spaced across the stage lip for audience front fill.

“Our goal was big sound with full control,” explains Walker. “The facility is a full city block, and we’ve got to push about 120 feet from the mains. We also had a specification of 90 dB at the mix position, which is about 50 feet back from the lip of the stage. We knew from experience that the EV XLCi system would handle that with ease.”

All the loudspeakers are passive designs, with power for the main arrays and subwoofers provided by 11 Electro-Voice CP4000S amplifiers. Three EV Dx46 sound system processors are used to optimize the loudspeakers while providing IRIS-Net control and monitoring for the full system.

The final piece of the puzzle was on-stage audio for the musicians. For that, Electro Acoustics opted for the tour-friendly Electro-Voice Tour X stage monitors, selecting eight TX1122FM and four TX1152FM floor wedges. All speakers on stage, both monitors and front fills, are powered by EV Q1212 power amplifiers.

Ryan Walker of Electro Acoustics reports that everyone is very pleased with the system. “Our client, the Levitt Foundation, which operates several similar venues across the country, working in cooperation with the city,” he says. “They have just overwhelmed with how great it sounds,” he says. “For our part, we knew the EV speakers were the best bang for the buck. They meet tour rider requirements very well, which was a key goal of the project. That helps book better acts, which is great for the people of Arlington. Everyone wins.”

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