Electro‑Voice X‑Line Advance for Community Bible Church, San Antonio, Texas

October 16, 2015
  • EV’s latest line-array loudspeaker system installed at one of the largest churches in the U.S.
  • 24 X2 line-array elements form the centerpiece of a complete EV system in the 3,500-seat main auditorium
  • Installed by Morris Integration of Nashville, Tennessee
Burnsville, Minnesota (October 16, 2015): The new X-Line Advance line-array loudspeaker system from Electro-Voice is enhancing the worship experience at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Texas – the seventh-largest church in the U.S. The centrepiece of the sound reinforcement system by Morris Integration consists of 24 X2 high-performance line-array elements complemented by speakers from the EV-Innovation family. EV power amps and processing ensure ample headroom and user-friendly control and supervision in the church’s main 3,500-seat auditorium.

“The system needs to provide even coverage throughout the auditorium seating while keeping vocal intelligibility constant at the same time,” explains Danny Rosenbalm, COO of Morris Integration. “Additionally, the church has a 300-member choir and uses full orchestration during its worship arrangements.” During the planning phase, X-Line Advance came out on top. “For this 3,500 seat venue, the X2 was the perfect product thanks to both the compact nature of the array and its throw,” adds Rosenbalm. “There is no other product on the market that employs a single 12” woofer with the same output and high frequency response.” Two arrays of 12 X2 elements each were flown on each side of the altar. “The X2 covers the room extremely well and easily attains an SPL of 110 dB. With its compact size, it allowed us to keep sight lines enhanced. Additionally, the price point was right for both the client and the budget.”

“ I really enjoyed working with the EV products and their simplicity of use.”

In addition to the X2 line array, Rosenbalm and his team opted for speakers from the EV-Innovation family. A total of 12 EVA-2151D dual-15” line-array subwoofers were installed – both in the air and on the ground. A further nine EVH horn-loaded speakers act as side fills. “Using a combination of 90x60 and 60x40 dispersion angles, we were able to array the EVH boxes in long-throw and short-throw configurations to prevent extreme overlap of the coverage on the fill versus the main array,” Rosenbalm explains. Seven EVU speakers were chosen as low-profile front fills, concealed within cavities in the concrete stage.

The loudspeakers are powered by 17 TG series amplifiers equipped with RCM-28 remote control/DSP modules and seven CPS series amplifiers equipped with RCM-810 remote control modules. A NetMax N8000 digital matrix controller allows full remote supervision and control via an individually configured IRIS-Net user interface. “This creates an incredibly simple—yet integrated and powerful—system to control the entire venue from anywhere in the facility,” says Rosenbalm.

Working with a completely integrated, all-EV sound system had further advantages, as Rosenbalm explains: “I really enjoyed working with the EV products and their simplicity of use. They allow an extremely large and complex system to be simple and usable for the church’s staff. EV provides presets for their products in the Netmax and TG series amps, which saves time in tuning and installation. More importantly, it gives us the benefit of tunings done by the professionals who built and designed the box. You cannot get a more proper and powerful tuning than that.”

Article in Live Sound International Magazine

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