Windy Shores Sound adds X‑Line Advance

July 8, 2016

Minneapolis-based Windy Shores Sound recently added an X-Line Advance line-array loudspeaker system to their already extensive inventory of Electro-Voice equipment.

The new rig includes 18x X2-212/90 and 6x X2-212/120 full-range boxes, and 12x X12-128 dual-18-inch subwoofers – the most powerful subs EV has ever made. Though a full flown deployment of their new system can cater to a large concert or festival applications, its compact form factor and flexible setup options makes it an ideal high-performance choice when configured for smaller events, such as the Star Tribune Stage at the recent Basilica Block Party in downtown Minneapolis.

“Its compact form factor and flexible setup options makes it an ideal high‑performance choice”

Arrays of (3) X2-212/90 over (3) X2-212/120 were stacked securely onstage left and right on dedicated dollies that also double as road pack lids – one of the system's many design features that help keep hardware and weight to a minimum. Ample low end was provided via six of the mighty X12-128 subs in cardioid configuration. Though packing formidable power, presence and punch, the system’s small footprint kept sightlines open. "It's truly a game-changer in terms of performance-to-size ratio and overall value in line arrays," says Windy Shores owner Brent Naylor. A spread of compact ZLX-12P wedges delivered the monitor mixes.

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