Electro‑Voice’ Shows Continued Support of New Music through Sponsorship of South by Southwest (SXSW) Performances

March 20, 2006

EV and EV BLUE Microphones Score Big with Bands and Engineers

“The impact EV had on SxSW this year was immense. We had hundreds of bands come back to our fine town and tell me how EV has made the difference in the sound at their favorite clubs.”

Performers included Belle & Sebastian, Roseanne Cash, The New Pornographers, Mogwai, Chamillionaire, Art Brut, Nebula, and over 1396 more!

Austin, TX (March 20, 2006): Held from March 10th to March 19th in Austin, Texas, this year’s South by Southwest again featured thousands of participants and showgoers, each person somehow involved in music, film, or interactive media. Nearly 1300 bands performed in the 60 participating venues over the week-long conference and 10,000 people registered for the accompanying tradeshow. According to the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau, the 2005 conference had had over a 30 million dollar economic impact on the city of Austin. That being said, it is the largest festival/conference of its kind, lending Austin the title “Live Music Capital of the World“.

Simply put, Austin is an EV town, and has become steadily more so since the inaugural SXSW venue sponsorship in 2004. This year the EV logo has become even more inseparable with Austin’s musical landscape, as EV’s James Edlund and volunteer EV Street-Team Manager, Dave “Wolfman“ Wolf, planned to introduce EV and EV/Blue mics to the voices of the majority of the conference’s musical acts. And that’s precisely what happened, as Dave Wolf cruised the city 24-hours a day during the festival, talking the mics up, rocking through EV and EV Blue mics himself, and interviewing bands and engineers at the venues that already use ALL EV MICS!

Headhunters, a Tiki/Polynesian-themed rock club, kept crowds partying into the wee hours with a total EV/Dynacord sound system. Comprised of (2) Zx5 loudspeakers, a Dynacord PowerMate II 1000 mixer, EV N/D967, Cobalt, and EV Blue mics. The relatively small system was more than accurate in terms of coverage and intelligibility. From the Freshkills to Hognose, Headhunters featured a number of crazy, no-holds-barred bands throughout the week. A favorite of celebrities including Quentin Tarrantino, the bar has also become “Home to the Texas Roller Derby“.

Another infamous music venue in Austin, the Continental Club, rated “Critic’s Choice“ for “Best Bars in America“ by Playboy in 2000, once again relied on EV products during SXSW 2006. From the venerable N/D967 vocal mics, EV RE510 vocal mics, as well as N/D468s, N/D478s, N/D868s, and assorted other EV mics on drums, guitar, and bass, the Continental Club rocked hard with EV. Of course, Cobalts were also a huge hit! From former Joe Ely axe-slinger Ian Moore, to Wanda Jackson, and Zakary Thaks, to The Bad Roads, there was much to talk about at the Continental during SXSW. Note: If you see the ad and the album cover for Junior Brown’s new The Austin Experience: Live at the Continental Club running in No Depression, Harp, Mojo, etc. you’ll notice that he’s singing through an N/D967. Actually, all vocals for the album were recorded live through the 967 live at the Continental!

To complete a triumvirate of Austin’s most renowned clubs, one could not fail to mention legendary “watering hole“ Beerland. Also featuring a complete stage of EV microphones, Beerland kept crowds happy with great EV sound and lots of cold suds. Performers included The Bad Rackets, The Sweethearts, Tokyo Nites, and Black Furies.

EV also teamed with the folks behind cartoon insanity Adult Swim and animated cult-phenomenon Aqua Teen Hunger Force to work as a co-sponsor of their parties during SXSW. All music, comedy, and general buffoonery was reproduced intelligibly and clearly via EV speakers, microphones, and Dynacord Powermate mixer. Visits by The Man Show alum Doug Stanhope, Jay Edwards (AquaTeen/Squidbillies producer), MC HeckleKill, The Black Irish, The Vacation Gold, comedian David Huntsberger, a stellar set by the HOT!Karlshow, and DYNAMO’s Sharkwreck Garcia were a huge hit. In true Adult Swim/Aqua Teen Hunger Force fashion, performer Brendon Small was heard sound checking: “Can you turn up the satan in my monitors?“ (

SXSW NEWS from Austin EV Street-team Captain, Dave “Wolfman“ Wolf:

“The impact EV had on SxSW this year was immense. We had hundreds of bands come back to our fine town and tell me how EV has made the difference in the sound at their favorite clubs. From the infamous Headhunters (Home on the Texas Roller Derby) to the renowned Continental Club, EV’s made its mark. From the new EV Blue Ravens and Cardinals used at Continental Club in conjunction with the venerable N/D967, and every other live performance microphone EV makes, the city’s main vocals were captured by EV. One of the huge hits of the festival were the oft-overlooked mics of the Cobalt series. As the main day-to-day stage mics at Beerland and Headhunters, I have been told by every soundman in town who has used the Cobalt series just how happy they are their sound and non-destructiveness. Their sound quality is in that same range as the classic 57 and 58, but “hotter’, in the words of the engineers. Cobalts definitely turned some heads, no pun intended. I have also seen EV mics used for non-intended musical applications, and sound engineers being happy as they can be with what that have found. Every sound person I spoke with used the Co4 for snare. Even The Continental Club, who has every EV mic to choose from, uses the Co4 exclusively for snare. Beerland uses all Co9s for the frontline on vocals and a mix of Co4, Co9, N/D468, and N/D868s for backline and drums. Billy, sound engineer from Beerland, tells me: “the (Co9/Co4) are the best mics I have ever worked with.“ He’s found their uncompromising versatility unparalleled for loads of applications.

Kevin Lamoine at the Continental Club (Main sound engineer with Green Day, Black Crowes, Reverend Horton Heat, Sum 41, Warped Tour and more) is equally impressed with them, finding the Co9/Co7 easier to handle, for some vocal applications, than the N/D967. Kevin says: “I’m from the old school of less is more. The less a microphone is colored, the more you can work with it from a drive position. If you have a female vocal or someone with a deep voice like Red Volkart, it highlights both styles equally. Good mics.“ The Continental Club uses the N/D967 exclusively for vocal when Kevin is not at the helm.

Bobby Ed, sound engineer for Continental Club and guitar player for one of Austin’s biggest new bands, Honky (, tells me every day I walk into the club about his love affair with EV Mics. “They’re electric VIAGRA® for the ladies“. Well, I don’t know what to say about that, but suffice to say EV mics have become his favorite. I can’t stress enough how many people come up to me and tell me how the sound is head and shoulders over what it used to be at the clubs and bars that have switched to EV.

Randall Stockton, owner of Beerland: “EV’s Cobalt microphones provide the performance and durability that Beerland requires. The Cobalt mics stand up to the abuse punk bands dish out better than their more expensive competitors... And they sound great. THANK YOU EV!“

Billy Hankey, soundman for Beerland: “The mics really withstand the punishment of a punk rock venue. When the Reatards played at Beerland, the singer proceeded to throw the mic stand with mic still attached against the brick wall on the back of the stage and to tell the truth, EV mics withstand that kind of treatment. He then picked up the same mic, put it in his mouth and sang. These mics really hold up to the test of punk insanity. My mics get thrown against the brick wall, wood wall, and concrete floors on a continual basis and they continue to work. Way to go EV! You have created a durable mic that doesn’t sound like you’re running everything through a megaphone. Now if only you could install an anti-suck switch, my life would be much easier.“ So, there you have it. OK, I need to eat. My brain no work well. I can’t see anymore. So, in conclusion, from the Wolfman, your EV Street-Team Manager in Austin, Texas, home of South by Southwest: “2006 SXSW was a big win for EV. Not a negative comment in the bunch. EV is taking over Austin with its charm and good looks. “til next year.“ - (Dave Wolf, EV endorser, Black Irish Texas, Vibro Champs, Reverse Cowgirl)

Other Quotes from People that Matter in Austin During SXSW 2006

“I was very impressed by the these mics. They sound huge on drums with out being ’hyped’. Very natural and smooth with great bottom.“ - Danny Stapleton - Adult Swim Sound (“I just had a great feeling singing though it. It was warm and tuff at the same time.“ - Lynn Blakey, of Tres Chicas, (“Sounds very clean to me. The sound at The Continental Club is so much better now that the EV mics are here.“ - Ian Moore, (

“I don’t know much about mics, but they sound very realistic.“ - Collen, of Ian Moore’s band

“These mics are very futuristic. I like them, but they are tailor made to rip out my facial hair out on my chin. So just remember I’m in pain up here.“ - Scott McCaughey, Instrumentalist with The Minus 5, R.E.M., Young Fresh Fellows (

“Very good mics“ - The Mooners “These mics sound great and warm.“ -Cheater Slicks, Memphis (played at Beerland)

“They work real good.“ -The Reatards, Memphis (played at Beerland)

“The sound is warmer than most and I really enjoy the way this band sounds more here.“ - Forrest Rogness

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