EV ZX1 Impresses at Historic Miami Theater Reopening

February 15, 2006

A highpoint amongst Miami’s Black History Month-themed events was the reopening of the historic Lyric Theater in the city’s revitalized Overtown district, marking the completion of a 9,000 sq. ft. extension and remodeling program.

Originally opened in 1913 and featured on the National Register of Historic Places, the Lyric has a rich heritage as an African-American owned and operated theater. During a 50-year long heyday, the Lyric and other venues in what was known as the “Little Broadway“ district of Miami showcased performances by such luminaries as Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, B.B. King, Aretha Franklin and Redd Foxx. Today the Lyric is the only site still standing, and, thanks to community support and the efforts of The Black Archives, it is poised to become a cultural epicenter once again.

“The ZX1 gives great coverage and intelligibility in a small package that can handle plenty of headroom”

Harold Cummings of Drummer Boy Sound (DBS) provided sound reinforcement for the Lyric’s grand reopening ceremony, which featured a performance by the Jubilate Vocal Ensemble in the theater’s stylish new lobby. He brought his portable powerhouse EV ZX1 loudspeakers along to get the job done.

“I wanted to give the lobby a surround sound feel,“ Cummings said. “The ZX1 gives great coverage and intelligibility in a small package that can handle plenty of headroom, so we were able to create an ambience that was just right for a ceremony like this, rather than blasting sound from bigger boxes in the corner of the room. When you hear ZX1’s sound image, it’s hard to believe you’re listening to an eight-inch speaker. We use the ZX1 a lot for this reason, and it never lets us down - it always “fits,’ both physically and sonically speaking. It can behave like a bigger box when you need it to, but also offers great attention to detail at lower volumes - the best of both worlds in a super-durable poly enclosure!

“The organizers expected 400 people in the main lobby area, and the band was set to perform from the second floor lobby balcony. Four ZX1 boxes on stands took care of the main room sound, and I placed just three ZX1 boxes around the nine-piece band for monitors. Two Sb121 subs handled of the low end impressively, with an equally tidy footprint. We used our trusty EV RE1 wireless systems with N/D767a handhelds for the vocals, along with a Midas Venice 320 console and Klark Teknik DN370 EQ. Needless to say, the group sounded amazing. All of this equipment delivers fantastic performance in proportion to size, and requires minimal tweaking to sound great. For shows like this, it’s perfect. It was a real honor to help inaugurate a new era at the Lyric Theater with some great audio!“

Equipment List:

(7) EV ZX1-90 loudspeakers (3 for monitors, 4 for house sound)

(2) EV Sb121 compact subwoofers

(1) EV AC One processor

(6) Channels EV RE1 wireless with N/D767 handhelds

(1) EV CP2200 amplifier

(2) Dynacord LX2200 amplifiers

Midas Venice 320

Klark Teknik DN370


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