Myth Becomes Reality with EV

December 30, 2005

Since Myth opened its doors at the end of 2005, the sound systems have proven themselves with seamless transitions between club nights and concert nights, and between music styles that have run the gamut from the Crystal Method to Billy Idol.

EV X-Line X-fil and X-sub boxes are the muscle behind the main club system, and a variety of EV FRi-2082 and EVID speakers are distributed throughout Myth’s myriad of mezzanines, balconies, VIP suites, general seating areas, DJ booth and rooftop ultra lounge. Myth has to be heard to be believed, as sound and lighting designer Randy Keeley (Metro Sound and Lighting) explained:

“The sound is phenomenal throughout the club”

“The challenge was to create a nationally recognized nightclub and a nationally recognized live venue that shared the same space. We worked closely with a lot of people to make this happen: the architects, HVAC contractors, EV tech support, our EV reps and the club management, to design, spec and install the very best sound, lighting and video equipment available.

“After working extensively on the room design, and putting together numerous EASE models, we arrived at a shortlist of EV speakers. EV X-fil boxes were ideal for the main room, especially because of the sightline issues from the mezzanine. We flew three per side, at a right angle to the stage, over the dance floor. The X-fils provide high SPLs in a low profile package that doesn’t obstruct the stage and lights on concert nights, and they provide all the punch we need when fired up on club nights. There’s a tendency in clubs to run the sound at around 120dB throughout the venue. We wanted to have more varied control throughout Myth, focusing most of the energy on the dance floor. The X-fil’s vertical dispersion characteristics made it the ideal solution - a great balance of headroom and pattern control. Musically speaking, we’ve had positive feedback from audiences, clubbers and performers of all types, which is already growing the club’s reputation on a national level.“

Myth also offers club goers plenty of bass for their buck. Keeley added: “We put in no less than 14 X-subs in an isolated concrete cavity under the triple-laminated stage. That’s some serious low-end. The subs are also on hand to enhance the bottom end of live mixes on band’s touring rigs, if necessary. The X-subs do a fantastic job - the management is even thinking of putting silicon lips on the shelves in the main room, so drinks don’t keep vibrating off!“

The main dance floor system is powered by P3000RL remote-control DSP amps running IRIS software. Keeley is a big fan: “The RL amps are wonderful because you can take your laptop, sit in the middle of the dance floor and hear how the rig will sound, making real-time adjustments. It’s so easy to use - you simply open up the IRIS screen and can test every driver in the system. This helps, because at the kind of SPLs they’re running in the room, you wouldn’t be able to hear if there was a driver down! Being able to sequence all the amps to power up / power down through the IRIS software eliminates the need for external power sequencing equipment, which saves time and money, offsetting the initial cost of the RLs. IRIS helps us be sure everything is running at optimum levels; we can adjust the sound of the system quickly and precisely according to the specifications of a DJ or performer who may have heard the rig operating with different settings at another event. This all allows us to provide made-to measure sound night after night.“

To maintain control of volume and intelligibility elsewhere at Myth, FRi-2082 two-way 8-inch low profile speakers are distributed throughout the deck levels and open seating areas, all delayed to the dance floor X-subs. Each of Myth’s seven bars has its own audio zone, so localized volume levels can be independently controlled by the bartender in each zone. Like the X-fil boxes, the FRi-2082 has great vertical dispersion, making them a visually discrete, high-performance solution. The EVID C8.2 recessed ceiling speakers in the bathrooms and in the quieter VIP lounge areas provide similar attention to aesthetic detail.

Myth Manager Derek Brunel knew how critical the club’s sound system was from day one. Metro’s installation has exceeded his high expectations: “The sound is phenomenal throughout the club,“ Brunel commented. “And I’ve never heard a room this size sound this good. We had the Crystal Method in here not long after we opened, an act that really represents what we’re trying to do here, being a dance-based outfit with a rock band-like live show. In that sense, their performance was the acid test for the club’s sound system. Scott Kirkland (Crystal Method) finished the set tightrope walking on the edge of our custom DJ booth, thanking the crowd and giving the club props for the sound quality. You don’t get kudos like that with a second rate sound system!“

Photos reproduced with kind permission of MYTH

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