Southern Culture on the Skids: EV N/D967 Mics Preferred by Trashabilly Freaks

May 25, 2006

“One of the great things about the EV N/D967 mics is that I don’t chip my teeth anymore! That was a real problem with what we had been using! Not only that, they sound great!“ - Mary Huff, Bass, Southern Culture on the Skids

“The EV N/D967 is great because I really know where that sweet spot is... They sound really good!”

“The EV N/D967 is great because I really know where that sweet spot is... They sound really good! Plus, I can sing off axis for that kind of radio vocal I do in some of the songs... It’s really versatile. And, like Mary said, I don’t chip teeth anymore! The design is cool.“ - Rick Miller, vox/guitar, Southern Culture on the Skids

Frontman Rick Miller is recognized as one of the finest players in the swamp/surf/rockabilly tradition, just ask any guitar geek, and on these nights he was playing like his soul was on the line. Bassist Mary Huff (she of the hi-style wighats) and stand-up drummer Dave Hartman (he of the “Mama Tried“ t-shirt) are as solid and intuitive as any rhythm section in rock. With Doublewide and Live, SCOTS deliver a sweaty rock & roll party that fires on all cylinders, takes it into high gear and damn near jumps outta the speakers. This is what a live album is all about - capturing a band at the top of their game doing what they love in a place they call home.

Now with that in mind, pop a top and put on SCOTS’ latest, Doublewide and Live, and throw a party. That’s what SCOTS did - they threw one for 3 days in November 2004 at Chapel Hill’s Local 506. To record the revelry for posterity the band hauled in longtime co-producer Mark Williams and locked him up upstairs in a closet (aka “control room“) and made him pay hi-fi attention to the lo-fi sounds blasting away downstairs. Each night had a different set list and a different crowd. The band played songs from each of their records going back to 1991’s Too Much Pork through Ditch Diggin,’ Dirt Track Date, Plastic Seat Sweat, Liquored Up and Lacquered Down and their latest, Mojo Box. All the spices and fine ingredients that make up the band’s musical stew are represented on Doublewide. When Rick yells out, “Come and get it!“ at the top of the set, get ready to chow down on a heapin’ helping of the guitar-driven, swamp-rockin’, toe-suckin’ geek-rock sounds that have made SCOTS a unique taste treat.

So there you have it, gentle reader, Doublewide and Live: the licks are sick, the crowd is wound and the band is tighter than Dick’s hatband. Instant dance party, all you gotta bring is your own drinks and cheese puffs …

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