Bosch Communications Systems has Stellar Showing at NAMM 2008!

January 24, 2008

The pro audio brands under the Bosch Communications Systems corporate umbrella - EV, Dynacord, Midas and Klark Teknik - were represented by a host of exciting and innovative new sound solutions at the 2008 Winter NAMM show, held in Anaheim, California, from January 17th through 20th.

Electro-Voice made a powerful showing at Winter NAMM 2008, complete with several new product offerings that created palpable excitement among dealers, end users, brand devotees, and artist endorsers. High points of the show included being awarded 2007 Manufacturer of the Year by music and sound retail industry publication leader Music & Sound Retailer, EV Latin America sessions, co-sponsorship of Deke Dickerson’s Guitar Geek Festival, company sponsored stages at the Marriott, and booth visits by artist endorsers including Nick Catanese (Black Label Society, Speed X), Joe Bonamassa, members of Twisted Sister, Danzig, Type-O-Negative, AC/DC, Fishbone, Parliament, Dragonforce, Twisted Sister, X, Blondie, and the venerable guitar legend Dick Dale.
“The pro audio brands under the Bosch Communications Systems corporate umbrella ‑ EV, Dynacord, Midas and Klark Teknik ‑ were represented by a host of exciting and innovative new sound solutions at the 2008 Winter NAMM show”

Electro-Voice launched several products at the 2008 Winter NAMM show, including the much talked about (and listened to) additions to the Zx loudspeaker family-the 12-inch full-range Zx3 and active 15-inch ZxA5. The groundbreaking SB2A subwoofer also made its debut, as did several new additions to the world-renowned pro touring and install X-Line Compact (XLC) and X-Line Very Compact (XLVC) product families. Pro audio professionals were also buzzing about the introduction of the Electro-Voice DC-One Digital Loudspeaker System Controller, which sets a new benchmark for performance and ease of use. For more detailed information on these products, please read on or visit dedicated press releases within the press release section of

The 2008 NAMM show was also the location for the “pre-launch“ of Electro-Voice’s current philanthropic effort to raise funds for the families of the survivors and those who lost their lives on August 1st, 2007 when the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota collapsed. Electro-Voice spent six months compiling, producing and assembling a triple CD compilation of national artists titled Musicians for Minneapolis: 57 Songs for the I-35W Bridge Disaster Relief Effort.

Exclusive live and studio tracks comprise the lineup from the now available 3-CD compilation from pro audio equipment manufacturer Electro-Voice and parent company Robert Bosch North America LLC. The project will be available commercially on February 1st. Please visit for a complete list of participating music retailers. 100% of the proceeds raised through the sale of the CD will be donated to the Minnesota Helps: Bridge Disaster Fund™.

The compilation features rare or previously unreleased tracks from Los Lobos, Dick Dale, Steve Vai, DJ Spooky, Sparklehorse, Joe Bonamassa, George Clinton, M. Ward, Les Claypool, Lee Scratch Perry, among others. For a complete list of artists on Musicians for Minneapolis: 57 Songs for the I-35W Bridge Disaster Relief Effort please visit and click on the Musicians for Minneapolis banner.

The benefit sprang from Electro-Voice’s historic and current artist endorsement program and the global philanthropic efforts of its parent company, Robert Bosch North America LLC, a division of Robert Bosch GmbH, known for their innovations in the automotive, power tool, appliance, heating technology, and security industries. The company hopes to raise $500,000 for the charity through the sale of the CD and soon-to-be announced celebrity memorabilia auction.

2008 WINTER NAMM EV PRODUCT LAUNCHESZX3 - The New Industry Standard 12-inch Two-way Loudspeaker:

The new Electro-Voice ZX3 offers an unprecedented level of lightweight 12“ two-way loudspeaker performance for the widest variety of portable and installed applications.

Featuring the new DVX3121 12-inch woofer and the ND2 neodymium compression driver, ZX3 continues the groundbreaking innovation of the Electro-Voice DVX woofer program, joining the ranks of EV’s ZX series between the 8-inch ZX1 and the 15-inch ZX5.

When it comes to problem/solution versatility, ZX3 is truly in a class of its own. In addition to the highest performance drivers available, a complete range of optional accessories, including the CB3 array kit, MB3 wall/ceiling mount bracket, HA-3 handle adapter for use with the VSA-1 strong arm mount, and TCA-1 truss clamp adapter, allow ZX3 to be easily and precisely configured in multiple box arrays, mounted on truss or tripods, deployed as monitors, or used as system mains with a subwoofer.

Housed in a stylish yet rugged injection molded enclosure, ZX3 shares the same functionality as the larger ZX5, with 90° x 50° or 60° x 60° horn dispersion patterns, 45° or 55° monitor angles, passive or bi-amp operation, and seven M8 rigging points. ZX3 is available in a weatherized version and in either black or white finish. The optional HDC-3 heavy duty stackable cover is also available.

Key features:

• Weight: 50lbs (22.6kg)

• 97 dB sensitivity 1W @ 1m

• Max SPL: 131 dB

• Continuous power handling (passive mode) 600 watts

• Continuous power handling (bi-amp mode) LF 500 watts, HF 40 watts

• Dimensions: 24.17 in x 15.65 in x 14.3 in (614mm x 398mm x 363mm)

• NL4 or two conductor SJO cable and gland nut (weatherized versions)

• Seven M8 rigging points, two single stud fittings

ZXA5 - Powered 15-inch Two-way Loudspeaker:

The Electro-Voice ZxA5 is the new standard in no-compromise audio performance and versatility, in a simple to use, compact package.

At the heart of the ZxA5 are state-of-the-art transducers. To develop the DVX3150 15“ high performance transducer, EV used advanced computer aided design techniques to create forced-air, directional voice coil cooling for high power and efficiency. Finite element analysis was used to optimize the suspension and magnetic structure for long, linear travel, providing low distortion and greater LF extension. Perfect for an incredibly wide range of applications, the DVX3150 provides the ultimate in lightweight reliability… but with a heavyweight 500W power rating.

Handling the HF is the ND2, a two-inch voice coil compression driver based on a neodymium motor structure that allows maximum output while keeping size and weight to a minimum. The ND2’s precision phasing plug and titanium diaphragm provide better HF performance, while the integral heatsink provides cooling for high power output.

ZxA5 features an integrated high output, lightweight digital amplifier that produces 1000W LF and 250W HF. The very low noise design includes a 24 dB/octave 100Hz high pass filter for use with a sub, the perfect match being the EV Plasma P2 18“ powered subwoofer.

ZxA5’s high tech enclosure uses injection molded high-impact polypropylene structural foam for incredible durability. The enclosure geometry elements have been carefully designed to provide maximum rigidity and bass response. By design, the ZxA5 is also a perfect solution for stage monitors, allowing two angles (45 or 55-degrees) with no additional accessories.

ZxA5 is equipped with three anchor plates for rigging with single stud fittings, along with two more possible anchor plate attachment points on the bottom. For permanent suspension or attaching brackets, the ZxA5 also has two M8 inserts on the top and bottom, two under the handle, and four on the back of the enclosure, for a total of 10. All versions are available in black or white.

Key Features:

• Integrated amplifier with 1000W LF, 250W HF

• Selectable 100 Hz high pass

• DVX3150 15“ LF transducer with forced air cooling

• ND2 2“ voice coil / 1“ exit neodymium compression driver

• Available in 90x50 and 60x60-degree coverage patterns

• High sensitivity: 133dB maximum SPL

• Adjustable monitor angle (45 or 55-degree)

• Three anchor plates for single stud fittings & 10 integral suspension points

• Full line of accessories

• PowerCon connector with slave through

Electro-Voice SB2A Powered 12-inch Subwoofer System:

The new Electro-Voice SB2A powered 12-inch subwoofer eliminates the need for external system processing and amplification, addressing the demand for lightweight high performance portable sound systems.

Featuring dual 350 watt amplifiers, the SB2A’s switch-able powered speaker output can drive either an external 8 ohm passive subwoofer or full range loudspeaker. This makes SB2A a supremely versatile and compact “sub system drive“ solution, easily configured with a variety of loudspeakers for a multitude of sound reinforcement applications.

Typical SB2A-powered system setups include: with a ZX1-90, as a standalone PA that fits in the front seat of your car; in clusters with SX100/300; with a passive SB122, for portable lightweight sub extension to replace bulky 15-inch two-way systems (two 16kg packages vs. one 40kg package); with an additional powered top box (such as the SXA100+).

The SB2A shares the same durable injection-molded enclosure as EV’s popular passive SB122 subwoofer. Both utilize the EVS12S woofer, designed from the ground up for optimized performance within this small footprint enclosure.

Key features:

• 2 x 350W into 8 ohms

• Switch-able powered output: top 60Hz hi-pass / sub 200Hz lo-pass

• Weight: 35lbs (16kg)

• Dimensions: 23.1“ x 16.9“ x 12.3“ (586mm x 429mm x 312mm)

• Neutrik XLR / ¼“ combo input

• Parallel XLR output for additional powered speakers

Additions to Electro-Voice XLC and XLVC Product Families:

Electro-Voice announced multiple additions to the popular XLC (X-Line Compact) and XLVC (X-Line Very Compact) line array families at NAMM: 90-degree versions, additional fly-ware, and the XCS312 cardioid subwoofer.

Having been upgraded using EV’s latest DVX transducer technology, the XLC mid-sized line array is joined by new additions to the series. XLC907DVX is the 90-degree version of the XLC127DVX. It serves as a perfect long-throw extension for existing XLC127DVX rigs, as well as in venues requiring a narrower pattern. Used in combination with the basic B1 and B2 grids, the new TAE-XLC (Tilt Angle Extender) allows the use of extreme array angles without an additional pull-up point.

A 90-degree horizontal version is also now available for both the XLD and XLE very compact line arrays: XLD291 is the equivalent dual-eight-inch, dual ND2 version to XLD281; XLE191 is the most compact single-eight-inch, dual ND2 system. The TAE-XLVC (Tilt Angle Extender) fly-bar allows extreme array angles, especially in low clearance areas.

The XCS312 is a triple-12-inch cardioid subwoofer for flown or ground stacked applications with both XLD and XLE systems. Utilizing the XLD rigging frame, any XLD cabinet can be directly flown or ground-stacked with XCS312; the AGSE adaptor grid is needed for applications with XLE. The XCS312 utilizes EV’s new DVX transducer: DVX3120. Two DVX3120 are front-loaded; the third is rear loaded for pattern control. The rear SPL rejection of the XCS312 exceeds 15dB for the most part of the frequency spectrum of 38Hz to 100Hz, if used with recommend factory settings for EV speaker controllers (Dx38, NetMax N8000) or DSP-controlled amplifiers (P3000RL, TG-5, TG-7).

All new additions will be available in early 2008.

Electro-Voice DC-One Digital Loudspeaker Controller:

Based on a two-in-six topology, the DC-One is designed primarily for users of small- to medium-sized sound systems in both mobile and installed applications. While the unit is an all-new development based on a powerful SHARC processor, it is 100% compatible with all settings from other Electro-Voice signal processors, including the Dx38-the best choice for achieving maximum performance with an EV loudspeaker system.

A large part of DC-One’s development was aimed towards ensuring users can easily and fully utilize its serious digital horsepower and high-end audio performance. Though free PC-Editor software is available, the DC-One can easily be operated via the front panel. Direct access buttons, six predefined configuration modes (one being free configuration), straightforward output delay settings, and true professional metering all allow for safe operation.

DC-One’s unique “front-panel-access-control“ allows the user to select a personal library of accessible presets (out of 60 factory and 20 user presets). In addition, the user can determine which individual parameters in each preset are locked (e.g. factory predefined output parameters) or editable (e.g. master EQ or delay settings).

The DC-One has a 1U 19-inch chassis that is deep enough to match typical amplifier depths, a front panel USB connector for the PC-Editor, and accepts either analogue or digital (AES-EBU) input signals; a 6-dB input pad is available. The RS232 on the rear also provides eight contact closures for preset changes, or allows two units to be linked for larger systems. The PC-Editor software, as well as firmware updates allowing additional functions, will be available on

The DC-One will be shipping in February 2008.


Electro-Voice (EV), is a professional audio brand of Telex Communications, Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of sophisticated audio, wireless, multimedia, aircraft, broadcast and communications equipment for commercial, professional and industrial customers. Telex Communications markets its products in more than 80 countries under the brands EV, Telex, RTS, Dynacord, Midas, Klark Teknik and others.

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