Bootsy Collins in James Brown Tribute Concert

July 3, 2008

July 2, 2008 featured the second stop on the James Brown Tribute world tour, and Bootsy Collins’ well-oiled, in-the-pocket funk cavalcade played to a packed house at the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater. The concert featured a host of artists, all of whom Bootsy has nurtured and promoted via his A&R firm, Bootzilla Productions. From the speed rapping Cincinnati kid D-Jizzle to the smooth choreography of hip-hop family singers i-Candi to veteran Public Enemy alums Escapism, the show was heavy on talent, all acts paying unique tribute to the Godfather of Soul.

Bootsy’s band also comprised members of James Brown’s original J.B.’s, including Bootsy’s brother Phelps “Catfish“ Collins and vocalist Vicki Anderson. Highlights included smoking versions of “Mr. Please, Please, Please,“ “Get Up,“ and a house-rousing welcome for longtime James Brown MC Danny Ray, who bestowed Wilson with James Brown’s legendary cape during the show’s encore.

“From the EV N/D868 microphone on Bootsy’s 8 x 10‑inch speaker cabinet to the wireless REV N/D767a and N/D967 microphones used on all vocals, the tour is a distinctively EV affair”

To accommodate a roster of some twenty-five vocalists and musicians, Bootzilla Productions sought out the most versatile and best-sounding live performance microphones available. From the EV N/D868 microphone on Bootsy’s 8 x 10-inch speaker cabinet to the wireless REV N/D767a and N/D967 microphones used on all vocals, the tour is a distinctively EV affair:

- Bass cabinets: EV N/D868

- Bass guitar: REV Wireless

- Guitar cabinets: EV Raven

- Congas: N/D468

- Kick drum: N/D868

- Toms: N/D468

- Snare: N/D478

- Overheads: EV Cardinal

- All vocals: EV wired or wireless N/D767a or N/D967 handhelds

- Emcee: EV N/D967 REV wireless

Tribute to James Brown FOH engineer Martin Greaves comments: “Everything sounded wonderful. The EV REV wireless is fantastic. While most wireless systems have the tendency to break up, EV REV systems are crystal clear, there were no problems whatsoever with coordinating good frequencies.“

“I also love the sound of the EV N/D868 on Bootsy’s bass rig,“ says Greaves. “Bootsy’s rig is pretty stripped down because this is a James Brown Tribute - not a lot of processing or pedal board effects. We mic his sub-harmonic cab with the EV N/D868 and the other goes through the DI. It really sounds great; the N/D868 does a great job of capturing that legendary Motown low end.“

“The sound of the EV mics has been really amazing,“ adds Greaves. “And the performers, especially the vocalists, have commented about it after each show. Not only does it sound good, but the performers are happy! I love working with these performers. They deserve to sound as good as they perform. EV has helped make that possible.“

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