John Brown

July 22, 2008

“My history with the PL80 makes me excited about your recent launch of the new PL microphone line.”

Bassist John Brown has more than 20 years of touring experience and is a proud user of Electro-Voice products. John is also a professional luthier, master bass builder, and owner of Brown’s Guitar Factory. Brown’s history with EV extends to the early 1980s and today he uses EV for the same reasons he did 20 years ago - to get the best sound possible, whether he’s on stage, exhibiting at NAMM, or producing videos for YouTube. Currently, John’s bass rig comprises the following:

- Electro-Voice CP3000 power amplifier

- Electro-Voice REV instrument wireless system

- (2) Electro-Voice B115M two-way bass system with vented midrange (ca. 1988)

- (1) Electro-Voice B215

- Various outboard effects (including an Echoplex for looping)

- Klark Teknik DN100 Direct Injection (D.I.) box

- Midas Venice 160 mixing console

- EV RE410 for recording YouTube video audio

Interview with John BrownElectro-Voice: When did you first start using EV products?John Brown: In 1982 I needed a serious bass cabinet. I went to LaVonne’s music and discovered the Electro-Voice B215M, which is the cabinet that Stanley Clarke was endorsing in music industry print ads. The tone is what sold me. The road case construction was also a selling point. Very pro. At this time we were al using EV PL80 vocal microphones on stage so I felt very confident with the Electro-Voice. The company had a reputation for road worthy, great sounding gear. My history with the PL80 makes me excited about your recent launch of the new PL microphone line.EV: I see that that you’re using a pro audio power amplifier for bass guitar.JB: With the EV CP3000 we’ve got some serious wattage: 2 x 1100W at 4 ohms. For over 20 years I’ve been lugging these big refrigerators around, and now you have something with massive power in two rackspaces at just over 17 lbs! The CP3000 is incredibly powerful and compact. This really makes a difference when traveling. Especially with doing something like we just did - the NAMM Show - where as an exhibitor you’re charged freight and drayage. So, I really believe I’m over and done with the old heavy power amps of the past. In terms of operation, it’s simple: the power amp is bridged and from there I plug it into one B215M bass cabinet and daisy chain that with the other two. The B215M cabinets are loaded with EVM-15Ls, a truly awesome speaker. I use the B215M at -12dB high-frequency attenuation setting. Occasionally I go from the -12dB to the -6dB setting. EV: You’ve been a bass guitar wireless user over the years. What has been your experience with the EV REV wireless system for bass guitar?

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