Jazz an der Donau 2008 with superstars & systems from Electro‑Voice

August 19, 2008
Now in its 22nd year, the Jazz an der Donau (Jazz on the Danube) festival is one of the most firmly established jazz festivals in Europe-a status further consolidated by this year’s event. Running from July 17-20, it featured spellbinding performances from artists such as Reamonn, Sérgio Mendes, and Percy Sledge, all presented with audio of the very highest quality.

As in previous years, a team of sound specialists led by Ingo Haasch was responsible for the production. The centerpiece of the sound reinforcement design for 2008 was an Electro-Voice XLC-127DVX line-array system, with Electro-Voice TG-7 amplifiers (equipped with RCM 26 modules) providing the power, and an XL8-the flagship digital console from Midas-used as the perfect palette for mixing the tone colors.

“EV has a reputation for being reliable and delivering outstanding sound, and fully lived up to that at this year’s JAD.”

This year the system had to cater to a far wider variety of musical genres than in previous years, genres that included hard rock from Reamonn, the filigree tones of the Cuban pianist Ramon Valle, swing from The Puppini Sisters, soul from Solomon Burke and Percy Sledge, folk from Claudia Korecks, and modern Latin from Sérgio Mendes. With 12 flown Electro-Voice XLC-127DVX line array elements, eight EV XLC-215 low extensions and 12 X-Line Xsubs, Haasch and Co. responded to these very varied demands with a system of legendary versatility. In addition, the fill-speaker spec included two Electro-Voice Xi-2123 cabinets and two Xsubs. Onstage, a number of classic EV RE20 mics-standard issue for mic’ing brass instruments-ensured warm, true tone.

Haasch commented: “EV has a reputation for being reliable and delivering outstanding sound, and fully lived up to that at this year’s JAD.“ Festival organizer Ralph Huber was of the same opinion: “The sound was praised in the most fulsome terms by audience members, artists, and tour managers alike. A great compliment for the sound crew!“

Media darling: the Jazz on the Danube Festival 2008As well as comprehensive coverage in the local and regional media, this year’s Jazz an der Donau festival attracted attention nationwide. The TV coverage included reports, for example, by ZDF (one Europe’s most-watched TV channels) as well as Bavarian TV and SAT 1, whilst heavyweights of the German print media such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), the magazine Focus, and the highly respected Süddeutsche Zeitung were uniform in their praise. The FAZ’s Jonathan Fischer, for example, had this to say about the Solomon Burke concert: “The American vocalist Solomon Burke celebrated a stirring soul communion at the Straubing Jazz Festival.“Jazz on the Danube 2008 equipment list (extract):Main PA:

12x Electro-Voice XLC-127DVX line-array elements

8x Electro-Voice XLC-215 low extensions

12x Electro-Voice X-Line Xsub subwoofers


2x Electro-Voice Xi-2123 cabinets, 2x Electro-Voice Xsub subwoofers (driven by a Klark Teknik Helix DN9848), and Electro-Voice CP3000S/4000S amps (side-fills)

Electro-Voice TG-7 amps with RCM-26 modules (powering front-fill and out-fills)


2x Electro-Voice ZXA5


1x Midas XL8


1x Midas XL200 via Midas XL88

1x Klark Teknik Helix DN9340/9344 6ch

Monitor world

1x Klark Teknik Splitter DN1248 60Ch

1x Midas XL3 40/16 + 20ch extender

1x Klark Teknik Helix DN9340/9344 EQ 14Ch

1x Midas Siena 400 40Ch

1x Klark Teknik Helix DN9340/9344 10ch

Photos: Alois C. Braun


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