Bosch Communications Systems Announces IRIS‑Net™ V1.7.1

September 3, 2008

Now IRIS-Net, the tool of choice for audio professionals around the world, is advancing to its next level with the release of IRIS-Net V1.7.1.
“Now IRIS‑Net, the tool of choice for audio professionals around the world, is advancing to its next level with the release of IRIS‑Net V1.7.1.”
The latest version of IRIS-Net includes the following features and additions:Software Enhancements/Additions

- Network Setup Utility allows scanning for connected N8000s and editing Ethernet port settings (e.g. IP address) of detected devices.

- Enhanced system and application logging

- New version of IRIS-Net Project Generator

- New category-based organization of User Control objects

NetMax N8000

- New digital audio output card (DO-1) providing 4 AES/EBU outputs

- Enhanced wiring functionality for DSP blocks

- Copy & Paste of DSP blocks, including block wiring and parameter settings

- Customizable “n x m“ versions of following DSP blocks allows the selection of

the number of inputs and outputs when adding the block to DSP configuration:

Matrix Mixer, Priority Matrix Mixer, Matrix Router, Router and Mono/Stereo


And there are many more! Please see the IRIS-Net Read Me file for a complete list of additions, enhancements, and bug fixes.From the introduction of the first IRIS (Intelligent Remote Integrated Supervision) software platform for amplifiers in 2002, Electro-Voice has been developing a robust audio control protocol and innovative new audio hardware. The first was the RL line of remote controlled amplifier products. These amplifiers offered an amazing level of user control and monitoring, which brought reliability and ease of use to a wide range of users. EV’s introduction of the NetMax™ N8000, a comprehensive digital audio system controller, was the next link in the IRIS-Net audio processing chain. IRIS-Net is EV’s answer to the ever-increasing complexity of audio system designs. It is a comprehensive software platform, encompassing a huge array of control options. All aspects of the audio chain are under its supervision and control. The key areas of signal processing, supervision and signal routing are all manipulated under its

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