PLASA 2008: Shuttlesound names five new customers for Electro‑Voice line‑array

September 12, 2008

In addition to the recent sale of EV’s XLD and XLE modules to APR Audio, Shuttlesound is pleased to welcome five rental companies into the EV X Network:

- Clear Sound, based in Stratford-upon-Avon
“ The loudspeakers are really well‑made and lightweight, and they provide fabulous coverage over 120 degrees.”
- CWS, based in Peterborough- Ethix, based in London- Leisure Tech, based in Wigan- OneBigStar, based in Nottingham

CWS, Clear Sound, and Ethix have all invested in EV’s XLC system, recently revitalized by the DVX upgrade, bringing EV’s new 12-inch low-frequency/mid-bass woofers into the XLC-127 cabinets, improving high-SPL stability and full-bandwidth intelligibility.

Colin Smith, proprietor of CWS, explains that “we were renting in line-array systems up to ten times a year and spending a ridiculous amount of money on sub-hire. What appealed to us about the XLC was that it is incredibly well-priced for what you get-the size of the box in ratio to the amount of audience coverage you can get with it. This gives us considerable savings on truck use and fuel costs because the system components are so small.“

CWS’s situation is typical of mid-size rental companies all over the UK and Scotland. “We are looking to grow a bit, and do better quality work. Nowadays, many of our council and local authority clients are stipulating line-array systems be used for outdoor work so that affected our choice of system.“

The coverage afforded by EV’s latest-generation line-array cabinets is cited as the main reason for purchase by all new customers. With the ultra-compact XLE systems appealing for situations where overall cluster size is the highest priority, the XLD systems are also capable of producing concert SPL levels on full bandwidth in small to medium-sized venues.

“You can’t believe what comes out a box this size,“ says Phil Jameson of Leisure Tech, which has purchased EV XLD cabinets with Xsubs. “The loudspeakers are really well-made and lightweight, and they provide fabulous coverage over 120 degrees. We loved the sound of the XLE modules, but felt the XLDs would do a larger range of jobs. We use them now on club nights, with tribute bands and outdoors at York racecourse for 20-30,000 people. Hearing the XLDs on some jobs can make you swear never to use a point-source system again!“

The quality of the overall EV package is also highlighted by the new customers, who have all partnered their compact line-array cabinets with EV’s Tour Grade amplifiers. “The TG amps are fantastic, just so adaptable,“ says Colin Smith of CWS. “And we are using the IRIS-Net proprietary management software which is outrageously helpful in every way. The complete package beats every other hands-down.“

Simon Taylor of OneBigStar and Colin Smith of CWS both identify the usefulness of the Electro-Voice user group, the X Network, in the UK. “It is now very easy to sub-hire or supplement our systems from the growing number of rental houses,“ says OneBigStar’s Taylor.

Long-term EV user Clear Sound is the leading sound provider for big dance events in the Midlands area, and rapid expansion has prompted them to invest in an XLC system with Xsubs, powered by Tour Grade amps. “We were initially going for the XLD cabinets but we’ve decided to stretch our budget a bit further and go for XLC.“ The right decision, as just weeks after taking delivery, they have been confirmed as supplier for a big Ministry of Sound event in London.


System purchase includes 16x EV XLE181 & 4x QRx subs. NetMax signal processor.

Leisure Tech

System purchase includes 12x EV XLD281 & 8x Xsubs.

Clear Sound

System purchase includes 12x XLC-127DVX & 6x Xsubs; Tour Grade TG-5 & TG-7 amplifiers.


System purchase includes 16x EV XLC-127DVX & 8x Xsubs; Tour Grade TG-5 & TG-7 amplifiers.


System purchase includes 12x EV XLC-127DVX & 6x Xsubs; Tour Grade TG-5 & TG-7 amplifiers (running IRIS-Net).

APR Audio

System purchase includes 24x EV XLD281 & 12x XLE181.

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