Celebrity Solstice cruise liner relies on Electro‑Voice & Dynacord audio systems

October 14, 2008

“Built at the Meyer‑Werft shipyard for the American cruise line Celebrity Cruises, the Celebrity Solstice is setting new standards”

Built at the Meyer-Werft shipyard for the American cruise line Celebrity Cruises, the Celebrity Solstice is setting new standards: 350 meters long by 36.8 meters wide and offering accommodation for 2,852 passengers in its 1,426 comfortable cabins, it affords passengers the ultimate in onboard luxury.

The Celebrity Solstice is superlative in every respect. That’s certainly true of the sound system, where to ensure convenience, reliability, and ease-of-use for the crew and stem-to-stern high quality sound for the passengers, FUNA Nachrichtentechnik GmbH of Emden installed state-of-the-art systems from Electro-Voice and Dynacord.

The numbers are impressive: the four networked Dynacord ProMatrix 4000 systems boast a combined amplification power of over 53,000 watts. Over 350 loudspeaker lines run the length and breadth of the ship, connecting over 8,000 loudspeakers-including 350 Electro-Voice 309-8A (coaxial systems), 520 Electro-Voice EVID C4.2 (coaxial ceiling systems), 30 Electro-Voice EVID C8.2 (coaxial ceiling systems), and 70 Electro-Voice Sx80PIX weatherproof systems. The system also features 16 Dynacord ProMatrix DPC keypanels and numerous additional Electro-Voice loudspeaker systems for function rooms/entertainment areas. The ProMatrix system, which has proved its worth in countless high-profile applications all over the world, is the only one on the market to combine ELA (messaging/voice alarm/evacuation) with pro sound (recorded music).

About the “Celebrity Solstice“

The Celebrity Solstice is the first of five cruise liners ordered by the American cruise line Celebrity Cruises from Germany’s Meyer-Werft shipyards.

On September 28th, 2008, the 315-meter leviathan, with a registered tonnage of 122,000 RT, left the wharf in Papenburg with the eyes of the world upon it, and sailed down the Ems to Eemshaven in the Netherlands.

The Celebrity Solstice has some 1,425 cabins (90 per cent with balconies), a “Lawn Club“ (with real grass), a glass museum, and a multitude of exclusive restaurants. “We are extremely proud of this innovative new liner,“ commented Bernhard Meyer of Meyer-Werft, “which is of a class notable for its extreme energy efficiency and the numerous environmentally friendly solutions on board.“

Such solutions for Meyer-Werft tend to include sound systems from EVI Audio. Since 1985, over 25 cruise liners built by the venerable North German company have boasted sound reinforcement systems from Electro-Voice and Dynacord, often in combination with mixers from Midas, sound processors from Klark Teknik, and intercom systems from Telex/RTS.

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