Trinidad’s Katalyst the latest Caribbean club to choose Electro‑Voice sound

February 17, 2009

Caribbean Entertainment Technologies (CET) recently completed a state-of-the-art sound and lighting installation at Trinidad’s hottest new nightclub, Katalyst, using a variety of high-quality Electro-Voice loudspeakers.

Katalyst is the latest addition to a burgeoning Caribbean nightclub scene that shows no signs of slowing down, a club-lounge that uses carefully designed combinations of lighting, style, and sound to create an unparalleled nightlife experience. Since opening in December, 2008, Katalyst has taken the Caribbean club experience to a whole new level with a unique three-zone EV sound reinforcement design that precisely addresses the acoustics of each room to produce a highly personalized club experience.

“As soon as the owners started talking about that kind of high‑quality music and vocal intelligibility, I knew we were going to use Electro‑Voice products.”

For an installation of Katalyst’s magnitude, the club’s owners sought the services of Trinidad-based CET, the Caribbean division of sound and lighting company AMR Limited. Michael Pereira, Sales Manager for AMR commented on the installation:

“The owners called us about two years ago to discuss their latest project - a new club with a downstairs lounge and a big nightclub upstairs. A lot of clubs start that way, but they wanted theirs to be different-a cut above, with the very best lighting and sound. That’s where the EV sound system makes a difference-exceptional clarity at both low and high volumes, with all the dynamic headroom they could possibly need. Whatever we put in there needed the intelligibility for lounge ambience and the power handling to pump nightclub sound. As soon as the owners started talking about that kind of high-quality music and vocal intelligibility, I knew we were going to use Electro-Voice products.“

To deliver this combination, CET designed a three-zone system to address the club’s main areas-the lounge, nightclub, and outdoor patio.

“Upstairs in the nightclub we needed the in-your-face, pounding sound, so we went with QRx loudspeakers,“ says Pereira. “We wanted to give the look of a line array, so we went with two QRx212 boxes, flown horizontally one over the other. It looks like a two-cabinet line array-very neat. We flew them over opposite corners of the dance floor with CET custom-built rigging. With the boxes aimed at a 10-degree angle, plus the precise projection from the rotatable horns, we were able to provide exceptional coverage with a relatively small amount of equipment. No one else has a QRx system design like Katalyst-it’s raised the bar for club sound in Trinidad, and we’re very pleased with the results.“ Along with the QRx boxes upstairs, CET installed its own custom-built subwoofers to provide low-end reinforcement. The lounge downstairs required a more delicate touch from Pereira and his designers.

“To handle all the mid and high-frequency sound in the lounge, we installed six SxA250 powered loudspeakers in two rows of three across the ceiling. All the speakers fire diagonally-across and down-into the room. The challenge with the lounge space was hiding the speakers in the ceiling so they wouldn’t distract from the aesthetics of the room. The lounge has an open ceiling, which made it difficult to keep our installation tucked away. Working with the designer, we were able to put in some fiberoptic lighting and a couple of black, laser-cut floating panels to break up the ceiling so patrons wouldn’t notice the black boxes up there. This achieved that critical “heard but not seen’ factor.“

The third zone in CET’s design is Katalyst’s downstairs outdoor patio, which wraps around the outside of the building. For this part of the club, Pereira and his team prescribed a set of eight EV ZX1 speakers-six for the main patio, and two for a smaller, adjacent VIP deck. With their 90 x 50 degree coverage pattern, the compact ZX1s provide even coverage and more than enough throw to adequately reinforce the outside patio. The club’s owners chose to use pole-mounted ZX1s, rather than permanently install the boxes. Pereira comments:

“Although the ZX1s are pole-mounted, the poles are not traditional speaker stands. The poles at Katalyst are flush with the walls, which gives the illusion of a sleek, permanent install and the club can still take them down at the end of the day. The owners didn’t want to risk leaving the equipment outside all night. It was the perfect solution for their aesthetic and security needs. The ZX1 boxes provide plenty of SPL as needed, but with the pattern control to keep the sound contained in each area.“

Since its December debut, Katalyst has quickly gained a reputation as one of the best nightclubs in Trinidad, a standing Michael Pereira says can be largely attributed to the quality of its new Electro-Voice sound system.

“Everyone has been very impressed by the sound since the club’s opening,“ says Pereira. “Though we limited the high-frequency sound a lot that first night, I assured the owners that the EVs could take whatever we pumped through them, so we really stretched the system’s legs after that and it sounded great - not your average club system where the highs can be painful at higher SPLs. It gets loud, but it stays smooth. Other companies have even told us that the new system is slamming. Everyone from the owners to the club goers is very happy, which is great to hear because so much of a club’s reputation rests on its sound system. We definitely accomplished what we and Katalyst wanted with this installation.“

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