EV X‑Array™ & Dynacord Alpha Loudspeaker Systems Installed in Japanese Cinema Complexes

February 3, 2005

Assorted X-Array Xcn and Alpha X-1 & B-3 boxes are currently used as the main speakers at Cineplex Niiza and Cineplex Kumamoto. Herald’s cinema complex business has grown from the development of their own “HDCS“ system (Herald Dynamic Clear Sound®), which aims to exceed THX® in the high quality theatre sound stakes. Herald have pursued a process of continuous evolution in their field since the Cineplex Hiratsuka adopted EV Variplex-XL™ as main speakers and EV Sx500™s as surrounds. Only EV and Dynacord manufacture the components to meet their goals.

“Only EV and Dynacord manufacture the components to meet their goals.”

The key point of HDCS is to meet the requirements of digital cinema for high frequency range and high levels of performance across the L, C & R main channels. The demand for a wide range speaker using high performance tweeters is especially present when it comes to musical movies, and the main channels therefore need to be optimized for both musical and vocal reproduction. Similarly, the strong need for high powered and sensitive subwoofers demands a flattened response from the low-mid down to the low-end range. The Dynacord Alpha B-3 and EV X-Subs employed by Herald meet these demands, and offer a super-efficient solution consistent with their work towards establishing a new paradigm in cinema sound

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