EKX Portable Loudspeakers

Maximum Sonic Impact, Minimum Effort

  • QuickSmartDSP
  • High-efficiency Class-D power amplifiers
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • EV-patented Signal Synchronized Transducers™ (SST) waveguide design
  • Ideal for portable and installed applications

EKX combines renowned EV sound quality and reliability with the latest technology — all in a compact package suitable for a wide range of sound reinforcement scenarios, including musicians, DJs and small-to-medium live, club, and installed sound applications. EKX is equipped with professional features not usually found at its price point, making it an incredible value.


News Stories


Name Language Size Date
EKX Brochure EN 13.02MB Jan 23, 2015
Portable Speaker Family Brochure EN 3.8MB Jun 20, 2019
Portable Speaker Feature Overview EN 2.43MB Aug 28, 2018
Portable speakers catalog 2019 EN 17.11MB Oct 9, 2019
Name Language Size Date
Environmental Compliance Document EN 148KB Oct 3, 2017
Name Size Date
EKX Simplified Cabinet Drawings ZIP 7.42MB Jun 9, 2015
Name Size Date
EKX EASE Data ZIP 212KB Jan 24, 2018
Name Language Size Date
EKX-12 Engineering Data Sheet EN 498KB Feb 5, 2015
EKX-12P Engineering Data Sheet EN 683KB Mar 4, 2015
EKX-15 Engineering Data Sheet EN 537KB Feb 5, 2015
EKX-15P Engineering Data Sheet EN 704KB Mar 4, 2015
EKX-15S Engineering Data Sheet EN 435KB Mar 4, 2015
EKX-15SP Engineering Data Sheet EN 567KB Mar 4, 2015
EKX-18S Engineering Data Sheet EN 403KB Mar 4, 2015
EKX-18SP Engineering Data Sheet EN 528KB Mar 4, 2015
Name Language Size Date
EKX Full-Range Loudspeaker Accessories Installation Note EN 2.36MB Jul 1, 2019
EKX Passive Loudspeakers User Manual EN 3.37MB May 27, 2016
EKX Powered Loudspeakers User Manual EN 5.79MB May 2, 2017
EKX-Aktivlautsprecher Benutzerhandbuch DE 5.79MB May 2, 2017
EKX-Passivlautsprecher Benutzerhandbuch DE 3.38MB May 27, 2016
Altavoces EKX pasivos Manual ES 3.38MB May 27, 2016
EKX Powered Loudspeakers Manual ES 5.79MB Jul 25, 2017
Enceintes amplifiées EKX Guide FR 5.79MB May 2, 2017
Enceintes passives EKX Guide FR 3.38MB May 27, 2016
EKX パッシブスピーカー マニュアル JA 3.54MB May 27, 2016
EKX パワードスピーカー マニュアル JA 6.03MB May 2, 2017
EKX 앰프 내장형 라우드스피커 설치 매뉴얼 KO 5.93MB May 2, 2017
EKX 패시브형 라우드 스피커 설치 매뉴얼 KO 3.47MB May 27, 2016
Altifalantes ativos EKX Manual PT 5.79MB May 2, 2017
Altifalantes EKX passivos Manual PT 3.36MB Jan 5, 2017
EKX Passive 说明书 ZH 3.97MB May 27, 2016
EKX Powered 说明书 ZH 6.22MB May 2, 2017

FrontHero 12P

FrontHero 15P

FrontHero 15SP

FrontHero 18SP

BackHero 12p

BackHero 15p

BackHero 15SP

BackHero 18SP

EV EKXAcc 15 CVR le

EV EKXAcc 15 CVR pocket




EV EKXAcc BRKT15Hardware


PoleInsert 12P

PoleInsert 15P

SideViewHighlightingHandles 12P

SideViewHighlightingHandles 15P

SideViewHighlightingHandles 15SP

SideViewHighlightingHandles 18SP

TopThreeQuarterRigging 12P

TopThreeQuarterRigging 15P

TopThreeQuarterRigging 15SP

TopThreeQuarterRigging 18SP

Name Size Date
Service Policies for the Americas 274KB Mar 26, 2019
General Terms & Conditions of Deliver for Export Business 57KB Nov 26, 2014
Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen 184KB Nov 30, 2016
Name Language Size Date
Audio 101 - Basic Audio Terminology EN 2.74MB Dec 13, 2012
Audio 101 - Loudspeaker Basics EN 3.02MB Dec 13, 2012
EASE Data Explanation EN 934KB Nov 17, 2015
PA Bible 02: Power Handling Capacity EN 422KB Dec 26, 2007
PA Bible 11: Portable Sound Systems for the Small Club EN 470KB Dec 26, 2007
The EV PA Bible EN 1.14MB Dec 26, 2007
The PA Bible Chapter Zero EN 1.14MB Jun 11, 2018

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