Wired Broadcast Microphones

  • Most commonly used microphones in Radio and TV studio production
  • Most commonly used microphones in Radio and TV field production
  • World famous Variable-D pattern control technology
  • Excellent voice tone
  • Multi-stage isolation and pop filters

Building on a long legacy of outstanding performance and reliability, Electro-Voice studio and field production microphones have earned their place at the top of the broadcast industry. From the announce booth to the recording studio and out into the field, EV radio and television mics are the number-one choice for anyone who makes their living with their voice. Led by the legendary RE20 and RE27N/D Variable-D™ vocal microphones, our broadcast line sets the standard that professionals everywhere depend on.



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Name Language Size Date
Broadcast Microphones Brochure EN 2.23MB Jan 29, 2016
Microphone Catalog EN 5.69MB Jul 7, 2016
Microphones Chart EN 118KB Jan 16, 2014
Name Language Size Date
Environmental Compliance Document EN 148KB Oct 3, 2017
Name Language Size Date
635A Engineering Data Sheet EN 304KB Mar 11, 2014
635L & 635L/B Engineering Data Sheet EN 216KB Apr 23, 2015
635N/D 635N/D-B Engineering Data Sheet EN 53KB Mar 21, 2012
RE16 Engineering Data Sheet EN 1.33MB May 3, 2012
RE20 Engineering Data Sheet EN 311KB Mar 21, 2012
RE27N/D Engineering Data Sheet EN 81KB Mar 21, 2012
RE320 Engineering Data Sheet EN 548KB Aug 7, 2012
RE50/B Engineering Data Sheet EN 521KB Mar 21, 2012
RE50L Engineering Data Sheet EN 532KB Oct 5, 2015
RE50N/D-L Engineering Data Sheet EN 526KB Oct 5, 2015
RE50ND Engineering Data Sheet EN 88KB Jan 10, 2013
RE92L Engineering Data Sheet EN 284KB Nov 13, 2015
Name Language Size Date
RE320 Flyer EN 614KB Oct 10, 2016
RE320 flyer español ES 634KB Sep 27, 2012
Name Language Size Date
PL20 & RE20 Service Data EN 270KB Sep 19, 2005
RE20 Service Data EN 579KB May 3, 2012
Name Size Date
Skerik 20 4.84MB Nov 2, 2015
Avishai Cohen 04 3.64MB Nov 2, 2015
IMG 0718 179KB Nov 2, 2015

635A beige-trans

635ND B-trans1

EVLongMics 635L B cv1

EVLongMics 635L cv1

EVLongMics RE50L cv1

EVLongMics RE50ND-L cv1






RE50ND B-trans

RE92L mic-trans

EVLongMics 635L B fr

EVLongMics 635L cv2-

EVLongMics 635L fr

EVLongMics 635L XLR

EVLongMics 635LB cv2

EVLongMics 635LB XLR

EVLongMics RE50L cv2

EVLongMics RE50L fr

EVLongMics RE50L XLR

EVLongMics RE50ND-L cv2

EVLongMics RE50ND-L fr


Name Size Date
Service Policies for the Americas 274KB Mar 26, 2019
General Terms & Conditions of Deliver for Export Business 57KB Nov 26, 2014
Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen 184KB Nov 30, 2016
Name Language Size Date
Audio 101 - Basic Audio Terminology EN 2.74MB Dec 13, 2012
Audio 101 - Loudspeaker Basics EN 3.02MB Dec 13, 2012
Audio 101 - Microphone Basics EN 4.25MB Dec 13, 2012
Microphone Facts- Axial Response EN 1.36MB May 3, 2012
Microphone Facts- Non-Directional Microphones EN 1.06MB May 3, 2012
Microphone Facts- The 635 is Dead, Long Live the 635A! EN 1.88MB May 3, 2012
Microphone Facts- The New Model 666R Joins the 666 Family EN 1.38MB May 3, 2012
PA Bible 03: Microphone Types EN 462KB Dec 26, 2007
PA Bible 08: Microphone Techniques EN 604KB Dec 26, 2007
PA Bible 15: Barrier Miking EN 254KB Dec 26, 2007
The EV PA Bible EN 1.14MB Dec 26, 2007
The PA Bible Chapter Zero EN 1.14MB Jun 11, 2018
Variable-D & Beyond - Classic EV Microphone Design & Evolution EN 206KB Dec 16, 2011

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