Portable Passive Subwoofers

There’s a reason you’ll see decades-old EV wedges still going strong on stages worldwide, often as the longest-serving members of the house PA in the hardest-working venues anywhere. Despite having been kicked and dinged countless times – and doused with countless spilled drinks – EV’s legendary reliability wins out, night after night. Whether for a small club or a stadium tour, our lineup lets you pick a model to suit your stage setup and your budget – you can trust the workhorse durability, compact footprint and best-in-class sound quality that has made the EV badge so familiar at the feet of thousands of performers across the globe.


EV stands apart from other portable speaker manufacturers because we also build bigger systems for tours, concerts, and events — a pro audio heavyweight with a proven track record on the world stage. Everything we've learned at this most competitive and critical level of the industry is condensed into our portable systems to bring you equally uncompromising performance at a smaller scale. No other equivalently‑priced speaker will sound as good, work as hard, or last as long.

Whatever the application, there's an EV speaker with a set of features to precisely fit your needs and your budget.

150 lb
1600 W
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