Wired Microphones

Whether you're outfitting a world tour, a house of worship, a professional studio or a school auditorium, Electro‑Voice microphones offer great sound, durability, ergonomics and style. From time‑tested classics to our latest innovations, every product is built to withstand both the rigors of performance and the scrutiny of your listeners. At Electro‑Voice, making you sound your best — from soundcheck to encore, night after night, year after year — is both a longstanding tradition and our number‑one job.


Born and bred in the American heartland, Electro‑Voice lays claim to 93 years of unmatched innovation in microphone design and manufacturing. Back in 1927, company founders Al Kahn and Lou Burroughs started out as true pioneers, establishing the industry standard for audio engineering excellence and reliability while continuously upping the ante with breakthrough technologies, such as the humbucking coil for noise cancellation and Variable‑D for proximity control.

Nine decades on, Electro‑Voice microphones continue to deliver the sound of history's most significant events. We've helped the world hear everything from the very first radio broadcasts to John Glenn's first orbit of the Earth; from Elvis and The Beatles to the largest world tours with today's biggest artists; from Knute Rockne using his "Electric Voice" at Notre Dame to the state‑of‑the‑art microphone systems at top sporting events; from Presidential inaugurations to tonight's evening news; from Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech to the Next Big Thing rehearsing in the garage next door…

Staying true to its roots as a great American brand, Electro‑Voice continues to reach new heights in the 21st century. We were the first to advance microphone technology with N/Dym neodymium magnetic structures. But that's just the beginning— our engineers are constantly working on new ways to capture the full richness and nuance of your tone.

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