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The successor to the renowned N/DYM Series, the new ND Series expands the previous product offering with four vocal and four instrument models for live performance and studio applications.

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The PL Series is a comprehensive family of vocal and instrument microphones for the professional live sound and studio community. Featuring seven vocal models and three instrument models, the PL Series' exceptional durability, sonic performance and contemporary styling meet the needs of today's sound system professional.

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Available in a variety of boundary, podium, and desktop models, EV’s PolarChoice installation microphones feature user selectable polar patterns—omnidirectional, cardioid, supercardioid, and hypercardioid (figure “8” on the PC Boundary)—that allow a single mic to be used in multiple situations. No matter which pattern you select, PC mics have a consistent voicing optimized for speech, delivering excellent clarity and intelligibility with outstanding feedback rejection.

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Designed for the entry‑level professional, the Electro‑Voice R300 makes the benefits of professional wireless microphone performance accessible to a new category of users. With features like one‑touch ClearScan and EZsync transmitter update, the R300 offers professional‑class capabilities but is as easy to setup and use as any entry‑level wireless microphone system.

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The RE Installation series is a set of sonically superior microphone solutions that are optimized for installation. Featuring EV's premium‑performance condenser capsules, the affordable RE Installed Sound series lets professional sound contractors offer their customers EV quality for great sound and worry‑free reliability.

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With sonic quality and versatility proven at the highest levels, the performance group from EV's RE Series have become trusted industry standards for both stage and studio use. These premium‑grade handheld and stand‑mount condensers boost your stage sound from good to great, and they also deliver the depth, personality, and sheen required for professional recording.

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When applications like rentals, small tours, referee systems, or tough environments call for a wireless microphone system with a mix of REV and RE‑2 features, the answer is RE‑2 PRO. Bringing sophisticated professional features to an affordable price point, the RE‑2 is a completely programmable, frequency‑agile system with one‑touch Auto‑ClearScan. Incorporating advanced features from REV transmitter platforms, the RE‑2 Pro allows more systems in one location, longer range, and more microphone head choices. With a price point between the REV and RE‑2 systems, the RE‑2 PRO offers an exceptional value in professional wireless. Whether you're performing at the local rock club, lecturing at a corporate seminar, or speaking in a house of worship, your wireless system needs clear sound, clean channels, and easy‑to‑use setup and operation. The Electro‑Voice RE‑2 has it all, combining professional power with previously unmatched simplicity. The RE‑2 takes frequency agility to a whole new level, and it ensures that your sound comes through without interference, drop‑outs, or compromised audio quality. A third generation wireless system, the RE‑2 is affordable, professional, and designed for those who are serious about their sound.

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