Commercial Sound Paging Projectors

The weather-resistant PA430 series features a 60 degree x 40 degree dispersion pattern, and an integral swivel bracket. The PA430 is available in either a eight-ohm version (PA430) or a 30-watt, 70/100-volt version (PA430T).


Available Color White
Power Rating 30W
Speaker Type Paging Horns

Weatherized Yes


Name Language Size Date
Environmental Compliance Document EN 148KB Oct 3, 2017
Pa430, EC Declaration of Conformity - Superceded By 38110165 EN 75KB Nov 13, 2019
Pa430T, EC Declaration of Conformity - Superceded By 38110165 EN 75KB Nov 13, 2019
Name Language Size Date
PA430 & PA430T Engineering Data Sheet EN 316KB Dec 26, 2007
Name Language Size Date
Northlands Convention Centre PS Aug09 EN 818KB Aug 11, 2009

PA430T bw-trans

Name Size Date
Service Policies for the Americas 274KB Mar 26, 2019
General Terms & Conditions of Deliver for Export Business 57KB Nov 26, 2014
Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen 184KB Nov 30, 2016
Name Language Size Date
Audio 101 - Basic Audio Terminology EN 2.74MB Dec 13, 2012
Audio 101 - Loudspeaker Basics EN 3.02MB Dec 13, 2012
PA Bible 01: Drivers & Horns EN 327KB Dec 26, 2007
PA Bible 02: Power Handling Capacity EN 422KB Dec 26, 2007
PA Bible 16: Mismatching Drivers & Horns EN 512KB Dec 26, 2007
The EV PA Bible EN 1.14MB Dec 26, 2007
The PA Bible Chapter Zero EN 1.14MB Jun 11, 2018
Name Language Size Date
RMA NA English EN 2.04MB Aug 13, 2019
RMA NA Spanish ES 2.04MB Aug 13, 2019


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